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The Bicester Aerodrome Company



The Bicester Aerodrome Company manages the airfield at Bicester Motion, formerly RAF Bicester.

The airfield is a crucial component of Bicester Motion’s masterplan to create a vibrant destination which celebrates innovation, community and experience of mobility within the automotive and aviation sectors. The Bicester Aerodrome Company’s role is to enable a diverse aviation future to take flight from this historic location.

Our Plan

By regenerating the spirit of endeavour at our airfield, we seek to attract the next wave of aviators to experience both the emergence of electric flight and the full back story of aviation technology from early powered flight, through gliding and on into the heyday of 20th century general aviation.

More information on how to access the airfield will be available soon, if you would like to get in touch now, please find our contact details below.

Contact us

For general enquiries please email fly@bicesteraero.com for further information.

For PPR requests and arrangements please email land@bicesteraero.com


The Bicester Aerodrome Company Ltd Building 123, Bicester Heritage Buckingham Road Bicester Oxon OX27 8AL


+44 (0) 1869 254 841